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About The Wessex Light Aeroplane Company


The Wessex Light Aeroplane Company was formed in March 1998, after seeing the Xair Standard at the Telford trade show in the December of 1997.

The original company was set up by Gordon Salter and Ian Stokes, who having secured the UK marketing rights from the global distributor Rand Kar, set about putting the aircraft through section S.

The company was extremely fortunate to acquire the engineering services of Bill Jewell, a very competent and versatile engineer, who with no previous knowledge of sections S, took on the task of steering the project through the system.

The Xair made its first appearance at Popham in May 1998 and very soon established it self as being one off the most successful and popular 3 axes kits available. It was also the first kit to be approved by the B.M.A.A. at 450kg.

By 2002 the company had sold 120 kits and the Xair became a common sight on most microlight airfields. Around this time Ian Stokes, who had been one of the founding members of the B.M.A.A and who had held most of the senior positions on the council, decided to retire to the Gambia, so the company was taken over by Gordon Salter.

The standard Xair continued to sell well and Gordon, again with the help of Bill Jewell, introduced the Xair Falcon, which despite its similar looks, was a completely different aircraft with its smaller wing area, taking the traditional 3 axis microlight into a new era. Although it never reached the popularity of the original Xair, over 40 have been sold in the U.K and are sill highly regarded by their owners.

Light aircraft and microlight design has come a long way in the last two decades, from slow and noisy, to the much quieter and faster aircraft.
Joel Koechlin the M.D of Rajhamsa Uiltralights and also the designer of the Xair range, has continued to stay ahead of the field and has again produced a simple to build Hawk kit that can out perform many of its more expensive competitors. Together with its outstanding safety record, the Hawk is again setting new standards.

The section S approval for the Xair Hawk was this time managed by Seamus O�Donnell, technical director for the Wessex and of Xair Ireland fame. He was ably assisted by Nick Geh and Steve Rance and the process was over seen and approved by the Light Aircraft Association.

The Wessex Light Aeroplane company has sold 22 Hawk kits in the first 12 months and the Light Aircraft Association Devon Strut team, having looked at the kits available on the U.K. market, chose the Xair Hawk to build for the second L.A.A build a plane project, giving the kit an enormous vote of confidence.

The Wessex Light Aeroplane Co. are once again pleased to be helping to make their customers dreams come true with affordable and safe flying and are looking forward to the challenges that the next ten years will bring!

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