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Quick and easy assembly

The kit arrives in two wooden crates, the longest being: 365cm x 74 cm x 46cm & weighing 200kg.

The other is 174cm x 130cm x 46cm & weighing 100kg.

All the the components are individually wrapped for protection and will take you as long to unwrap as it does to put it together.

All the bolts and fixings are in their respective places and many of the components come pre-assembled, ready to fit.

Even the wiring loom is already done with switches, fuses and warning lights fitted. 

Assembly can be done in an average size garage with simple DIY tools.

The build manual is comprehensive and shows all stages of construction by easy to follow text and pictures.

The basic structure goes together very quickly and each day or evenings work on the kit is satisfying as the progress is fast. Other homebuilds are far more complex and you can spend weeks working with little progress to show for it.

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