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Quick and Easy Assembly
for the Xair Hawk

The Kit arrives in three wooden crates,
the sizes/weights are:

365cm/144" x 74cm/30" x 46cm/18" - 205kg/450lbs.
130cm/51" x 122cm/48" x 26cm/10" - 33kg/72lbs.
111cm/43" x 111cm/43" x 92cm/36" - 60kg/132lbs.

All the components are individually wrapped for protection, and it will nearly take you as long to unwrap everything as it does to put it together!

All the bolts are in there respective places, and many of the components come pre-assembled ready to fit, like the Tailplanes, Elevators & Rudder. Even the wiring loom is included and already made up, with dual Ignition switch's, key switch, starter button, Ampmeter & spare accessory switch & power plug/socket, all included in the kit, ready to fit.

The Doors in the kit are made up and just bolt on, the complete build has been designed to be very simple.

Assembly can be done in an average garage, with simple DIY tools. The Manual shows all stages of construction, by easy to follow drawings, showing where each part fits.

The basic structure goes together very quickly, and each day or evenings work, on the kit, is satisfying, because the progress can be seen. Not like other homebuilds, where you spend weeks, and still can't see what you have done.

Some examples of the illustrations in the manual are shown here.

Wing Fold

The wing fold is a standard fitment on all kits.

It is a simple operation that that would take two people 10 minutes. It is easy to fold the wings single-handed but one would need a suitable trestle to support the wing while the pins are removed. 


The Hawk has no wing tanks and with the removal of just five pins each side it is quick and easy.

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